Sindhura ganga thesis

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Editions The Delhi edition of the text is described, in its 'introduction' gleng-brjod on pageas having been edited by Drangrne Yoretsang Tsondru Seng-ge sBrang-smad Yo-red-tshang 'Byung-gnes Seng-gewho corrected mistakes and incorrect Sanskrit transliterations in the text, but left obscure archaisms and colloquialisms as he found them.

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The Biographies of Rechung-pa: The Evolution of a Tibetan Hagiography

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After attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, two merchants named Tapussa and Bhallika became his first lay disciples.

His monastic name was Seng-ge Yeshe Seng-ge Ye-shes. The Rechungpa biography by Gyadangpa The biography of Rechungpa by Gyadangpa appears to be at variance with the other biographies in his text for two reasons: The man said to him, 'Hey, you're Naropa.

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How to Research Shodhganga for Ph.D Theses; How to Research Shodhganga for Ph.D Theses. by Regis & Co. Limited.

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॥ साधना भारती॥॥ sādhanā bhāratī ॥

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Sindhura ganga thesis
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